Wacken Metal Battle Egypt 2023
Promoter Wacken Metal Battle Middle East: Monika Bremer

How it works:

  • Application phase for bands runs from 15th of October until 31st of December 2022

  • You must fill the application form including links to 3 - 5 demo songs of your band

  • In January 2023 an international pre-selection jury will decide about the participating bands in the Metal Battle - the band information about the participating bands will be end of January.

  • At least 3 bands must participate in the Metal Battle Egypt

  • Maximum 5 bands can participate in the Metal Battle Egypt

  • The Metal Battle Egypt will take place 4th of March at the Cairo Jazzclub 610

  • A jury will decide about the winner band of the Metal Battle Egypt 2023

  • The winner band will be announced at the Metal Battle 4th of March

  • The winner band has to apply for a Schengen Visa at the German Embassy Cairo as soon as possible

  • Wacken will provide an invitation letter for the visa application

  • The requirements for a Schengen Visa can be found on the website of the German Embassy in Cairo: https://kairo.diplo.de/eg-ar

  • The winner band will compete in the final at the Wacken festival of the WET-Stage or HEADBANGER-Stage - the Wacken festival 2023 will be from 2nd to 5th of August


The rules:


  • Your band doesn't have a record label deal and isn't about to sign to a label in the near future

  • You are able to play 30 minutes of your own songs, no cover-songs

  • All songs must be performed live, no playback allowed

  • Your songs are not offensive or violating any egyptian values

  • You did not win the Metal Battle in Egypt in 2019

  • You can re-apply if you did participate in the Metal Battle in Egypt 2019 but did not win

  • All costs, e.g. for traveling and visa, must be covered by the band members, the metal battle is not providing any money

  • Each band member must be able to travel to Germany and fulfill the visa requirements and must provide a passport copy of a valid passport with the application. If you cannot travel, you are allowed to name a substitute player.

Wacken Metal Battle Egypt

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